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In 1000 years...

In 1000 years, as the sun breaks over the horizon on a large, sandy valley surrounding a small farming village of hard-packed mud huts and gently plowed fields. 7 foot tall, 4 armed silhouettes silently creep around, farming peacefully. remnants of human civilization lie nearly completely buried in sand and stone as humans have perished due to the seventh mass extinction. 700 years from now, a massive global ice age will cover the entire world under two miles of ice, then an enormous international heat wave will melt the ice, evaporate the runoff continental flood and wipe out more than 98% of all plants and 99% of all animals but leave the cockroach, who rapidly evolved into 7 foot tall, 4 armed, humanoids with both an internal and external skeleton. and it will also leave several species of trees, grasses and one or two species of flowers. this is my envisionment of the future when humans create the first man made mass extinction. the Anti-Global Warming Deep Freeze Device, the cause of the eighth mass extinction, lies buried in ice at future earth’s north pole. The End!

This post was submitted by Aeden Russel.


Lecture From A Concerned Citizen...

Trying hard to understand life. The way I see it we all just exist, our way of life and the social norm for living is so strange, and boring! We live to bond with those around us, create families, and die. But we don’t even do that anymore, we create countless distractions so we actually have the option to not think at all! Instead we can turn on the T.V, play video games, get high, drink till we puke, and basically melt our brains and waste half our lives doing meaningless shit.


Our means of socializing are geared more towards hiding behind a computer than talking to people in person, relationships no longer have meaning (I’m sure everyone has been cheated on by a partner at least once), friendships have become a contest of who owns what and who knows how to throw a good party with the most distractions (Most would consider loud ass music, drugs and alcohol and a means of forgetting there is even a world out there the best party of all).


Well, I really can’t accept that this is all life has to offer. If so, then I truly don’t even see the point of living. Most of you are going to think I’m insane, think I’m depressed (Which I’m not, I’m just a bit of an overactive thinker who needs more to go off of to experience excitement than most people) or you’ll try to justify what I’ve said by commenting to tell me “Tough luck, such is Life.” but I don’t want to hear it! Life can’t be all about just existing. Our jobs, money, technology, everything we’re doing right now is all just increasing the length of time we exist, but it’s not progressing how we exist at all? Sure, technology gives us health care which allows us to live healthy lives, we have enough food to get obese and hate the look of ourselves in the mirror, and even the richest of people lead miserable lives when they run out of distractions to buy. It just seems like we’ve lost all integrity and curiosity, we’ve accepted that life is meant to be this way, but why? Sure, if there’s a god we’re promised something great when we die and this life means horse shit. But what if there isn’t a god? What if we’re wasting our one and only lives doing absolutely nothing.


I think Fear has a big part in our society and social norms. We’re afraid to actually think, so instead we buy everything the market offers us to ensure we don’t think. We’ve evolved from nothing just to simply waste all of our knowledge now on living comfortably. There’s no progress in anything meaningful, the only things we see progress in nowadays are beauty care, social networking systems and devices, entertainment, and countless other distractions we trick ourselves to believe actually matter.


We have the knowledge to do great things, and the technology! Instead of placing that into fields that improve comfort, our way of living, etc. We need to start applying this to advancing ourselves to a higher state of being, the world is primarily unhappy and I think it’s because it subconciously feels what I know to be true! We’re too lazy, too comfortable, too distracted and we need to change that!

This post was submitted by Kyle.


To busy to think...

I have realised for some time now that we are all loosing our natural ability to think deeply and invent important technologies towards gadgets which brings money rather than progress.

Human beings are to busy with gadgets which bring false live satisfaction and short term happiness .

The constant race for better tv,newer car is blinding us from looking into a real target which is the harmony ith nature,God and other people. 

This post was submitted by greg.


It depends on our advancements...

To be quite honest, I see our current state as…well, highly un-advanced. Our knowledge is great…compared to those who don’t know anything, but it’s also quite small…compared to those who know a great deal. Fact is everytime we jump forward and become more advanced, it’s not because we improved on the sciences we have now, it’s because we broke the doors to an entirely new science and an entirely new way of thinking on things.

Newton thought the laws of gravity and speed were that space and time were constants and the speed of light was relative. Einstein thought that space and time were relative and the speed of light was constant. Between the two great ideals also came Quantum Physics and a myriad of other theories like string theory, holographic universe theory, etc. etc.

The fact that plagues mankind at this very moment is that we haven’t had a significantly major scientific breakthrough in decades. All the while our world’s population is growing out of control exponentially. Our technology should always grow with our population.

In all actuality and truth, I wouls have to say that I view the future in two very different views. The first one would be bad, very very bad. The first view involves mankind NOT having a scientific breakthrough. This would mean that we’re stuck with the very same problems we have now: overpopulation, overuse of natural resources that aren’t being replaced, destructive hatered, and powerhungry governments.

Mankind will be in grave danger in the next millenia.

My second view is much much different…and much better. Like I said before, I feel that we are actually quite primitive in retrospect. I view our future being a place where places like Africa are thriving with prosperity, where countries may not be countries any longer, where the world can communicate peacefully. We no longer would use oil as a resource. Power and energy would no longer be an issue. In fact it’s my belief that the next big scientific breakthrough will thrust mankind very quickly into a time of great technological advancement, traveling the stars, galaxies…more at will and in a breeze.

For this is clear: Without mankind going out into the stars and colonizing other planets, this one will die.

This post was submitted by Eric Wright.


Our ability to create the impossible is very possible...

So I read a few of the articles that people have submitted. And i wasn’t surprised to see that some people that have chosen only to either warn, threaten or demonise based on their views as an individual. 

What i mean by this is that sure we have problems in the world and yes there are wars still in this day and age. Also yes we have been told by news programs, internet sites that the oil supply is dropping as well as other convenient energy sources are just being drained. 

But no-one seems to remember that todays world is always better then yesterdays. Everyday we make progress as a species and the progress outweighs our downfalls. 

You go back 300 years ago and I could guarantee you would have the exact same proportion of people in the world preaching that “doomsday is coming!” “the yeild is low, this is just the beginning!!” “the cattle are sick, we will perish with them!” 

Anyway I just thought I would give a short explanation into my mind and how I see the world. 

I wouldn’t want to put myself in a category such as an optimist because I’m not. I just am putting forward my view based on what I have witnessed in my short life so far in this realm. 

So I was born at the end of the 80’s and I’m 23 now. And I was smack bang in the time where home computing started kicking off. With digital entertainment growing extremely fast in the home life. I remember having the simple life of spending everyday outside in the parks, fields, woods. And then it was literally overnight computers came and consoles become more common and not just a nerds toy. 

And I jump forward to the present and it is a world that could not concieve of not having this network and home entertainment. Bored? go on xbox live. Something we couldn’t of imagined without external hints. Hungry? go on the internet, push some buttons and food will be there in 45 minutes. Something that was only thought of in star trek. Albeit it’s not the clean friendly way of things but it’s still there. 

My point is, everyone today and yesterday all have this thought of “NOTHING CAN SAVE US SHORT OF A MIRACLE” and yet miracles have and continue to happen everyday. We have devices that can access ALL OF THE KNOWN INFORMATION KNOWN TO MAN!

Yes I know most use them to watch pictures of cats and dogs on the internet or to make sarcastic arrogant comments on others digital content but its still there and it’s very real not to mention if you said that to someone 30 years ago they would’ve scoffed at the very idea that said technology would not be feasible let alone accessible to the mass. 

You say we are close to the point of no return? Well perhaps that’s perfect. Once we get there, perhaps we won’t want or need to return. Simply because we will have adopted effortlessly. 

I simply love to make bold statements because i find them exciting. So here’s one that will get under some people’s skin (which I apologize for) 

My statement: 

I guarantee, because of the way we have managed to finally do what other species failed to do, we will prevail over anything existence throws at us. I can easily say that we are so much more advanced then we give ourselves credit. I can also say that there will be casualties as that’s part of life. But I also say we are very advanced creatures in our own rights. Clumsy foolish ignorant and sometimes daft, but no doubt much more advanced. 

So what we did that other species failed in doing was to understand our destruction and to recognize our own cancerous ways. We also have set up a way to educated each other on a global scale. 

We have created something truly special just by taking part of it, the network of mankind. You see Kickstarter is a wonderful example of what people can do. Facebook an twitter (as annoying as they are) have no doubt sparked change in the world and also created new life and innovation due to people connecting. 
Charity, science, invention are all things that are accelerated by everyday people, not just the scientists. 

Everyone that changes the world changed it thanks to the world. And it goes a bit like this…
The Scientist or group that invents the world changing tech or thing of tomorrow will need food from the shop, the friendly chitchat from the cashier, the smile of a passerby, the concrete of the pavement.
This will make him stop and get the though needed by looking at the light reflecting off the beautifully clean window that had just been cleaned by the cheerfully whistling cleaner that was whistling a song played by the band being broadcast on the radio that was being host by the radio hoster that was given the job by a meeting in the local pub after bumping into an old friend from school who he hadn’t seen in ages who was in the pub  on a date after using facebook to arrange a meeting after playing a game with a girl he’s grown to love after she started playing games since her brothers a huge geek since he was a kid of which he grew up to become a scientist that invents a new 90% efficient solar panel after being inspired by a sudden rush of energy from his energy drink he got from the store, and then stopping to admire the cracks in the street and seeing a perfectly cleaned window he put the them together with a whistling sound that he put into the mix, and then came up with the ingenious idea of putting sound light and nanoscale  structures to create the most efficient solar panels. 

So how do I imagine the future you ask? 
Well I imagine it will be full of amazing technology and also our species will evolve further the more people connect. The more people that collective work together to tackle problems the faster it will be. 
And when (not if) we create our artificial intelligences, we will have the best companions we could ask for to help us continue what we do best.

Explore and learn. 


This post was submitted by Elliott.


”written long enough”...

‘written long enough’, not really. Keep write about it, imagine about it, keep realize about it, so we can keep solve it. True feelings of care about anything can change better, lets begin! Now! And keep remind you, yourself, yours truly beloved persons!

Remember to let our selfishness go, one day, to accept kindness, yet worse, judgement, by the nature.

Wish we could view upcoming moment of our pure self reunited with the pure/originaled design universe.

That’s why it makes sense that the most fearful thing for us is our fearness for fear.

But the real question is what are we really fear of? Then following next question, are we really fear of it? After that and less times remained, we are able to see what lies front. Nur.

Human born and live with gift (every single one they think and expect their own), lent by The Only One, world is no more than a transitory space/place, next journey awaits us so that we can return everything to the owner.

Keep open your mind, your heart, your feeling wider to one and more better knowledge, also choices to our promised future.

*greet* blitzpulse [   at   ]

This post was submitted by Fin.


A bleak future...

Personally, I think the future is very bleak.

I don’t picture a state of fast collapse like Dmitry Orlov (see his 5 stages of collapse in the US theory), what I see is more like a gradual and irresistible economic and societal crisis, hitting every region in the world, and leading to multiple local and inter-border crises.

1 : Why is it going down ? Not enough of everything.

Yeah, most people would first mention the global warming, but that is not a short term issue, that is a middle to long term issue (it will cause real problems by 2050 and shit will literally hit the fan after 2100).

However, were you aware mankind acts like a total resources ogre, feeding wildly on the resources present in limited quantity ? How much were you really aware of that ? To make a bad metaphor, we boarded a splendid airplane and we’re above the ocean, but nobody’s piloting it and barely anyone has realized there isn’t enough food supplies for the flight, and, anyway, the airship didn’t load enough fuel to reach its target.

You can’t confuse resources available as flow (it’s renewed with every second, and you can pull a part of it off without worries, like solar energy or biomass), and as a stock (fixed quantity, not renewed on a human time scale, like oil).

Not enough metals.

I made a summary with figures, HERE. (French version : here)

We consume many metals at such speeds they’ll run scarce, some within the next two decades, some within this century.
Some metals can be substituted with others at the cost of a loss in performance, but that leads to a lower-tech industry production. The age of iron may be ahead, not behind.
Some other metals cannot be replaced, and their disappearance will jeopardize entire industries and will mean giving up on some activities and products.
Sadly, recycling doesn’t do the job, as only a handful of metals can really be recycled perfectly (in quality, and in quantity, like alumium), in most cases only a fraction of the metal can be collected, and then it’s not even possible to fully isolate it from the rest of the waste, so we get impure compounds from recycling, which can only be recycled into lower-quality usages. Sure, with unlimited energy we may get back the initial purest concentrations, but, heh, energy comes at a cost, and not enough may be available at all.
The scarcer a metal runs in the Earth’s crust, the lower the concentration it has in the ground and the more energy its extraction requires (the energy cost grows exponentially, while the production decreases at the same time), till the point whatever need we have of it, it is not viable to run its extraction.

Not enough Energy. We’ll run short.

– Please, don’t tell me you buy the “peak oil = bullshit” scam, peak oil IS a reality. USA fracking is a miracle that won’t last more than 20 years, only a few countries have such fracking potential. Prospection investments by all big oil companies fail to find promising enough new locations, and the energy return on investment ratio grows lower and lower (in early 1900s, in Texas, you invested an oil barrel’s energy, you obtained in return the energy of 50 oil barrels, a 1-50 ratio; nowadays that ratio is between 15 and 5, and it’s getting worse.)
– Nuclear power : fission will hit the uranium metal resource wall in 20-40 years, and (ironically enough !) 4th gen reactors that are supposed to be able to feed off their own waste will need plutonium to boot… and plutonium is a by-product of nuclear power generated in current-gen uranium reactors. Meaning : there won’t be dough for everyone, and production will be scarcer too.
– Nuclear Fusion : please, get down the to facts ! Beyond optimistic promises, all the test devices of this decade, even the biggest and most complicated ones, serve to test small bits of what nuclear fusion reactors are to be. We still don’t know how well they’ll work, and we’re nowhere close to testing a fully working nuclear reactor. In the BEST of cases, according to professionals of the nuclear industry, we could have nuclear fusion reactors working by the years 2060++. And even then, they’d be made of parts requiring frequent replacements, which should be fully automated, every 15 to 25 years, and as far as production goes, they’d be like fission reactors : providing a lot, but definitely unable to provide everything.
– Renewables : multiply them by a massive lot, it won’t make up for the loss of conventional energies, and, actually, in a disorganized economy more and more burdened my metal resource issues, you won’t be able to increase renewables enough anyway.
– Coal : the last energy we’ll run short of. Okay, producing energy with coal generates tons of pollution and boosts global warming, but not everybody will care *cough*
– Hydrogen : only mentioned here because some people still make that mistake. Hydrogen is a vector, not a source. You need energy to produce hydrogen, only then can you use hydrogen to transport and release energy.
– Reducing waste : that can be seen as a form of potential energy. With our level of energy production, if we stop consuming tons of shit, walk more, use our bikes more, make what we have last longer before purchasing a new version of it, paying to have our furniture and devices repaired instead of tossing them away and buying new ones, keeping unfinished food plates in tupperwares and eat them the next day rather than throw it away and cook new stuff the next day, that can very strongly reduce our energy consumption. You can also change your eating habits, jellyfish and insects provides meat costing much, much less energy – disgusting but true, and that shit is actually edible – or you can even eat less food and more veggies and cereals.
– Ideally, we’d need a miracle, a brand new energy source, available to many, easy to achieve. Sadly, this is still science fiction, and the laws of thermodynamics don’t make a miracle solution look possible. See scams grabbing attention and raising false hopes like the e-cat :-/

Besides, energies cannot be substitued to each other on a whim. Oil is INCREDIBLY practical compared to batteries (super easy to transport, delivering at once tremendous quantities of energy for its small volume), and several uses offered by oil will not be able to be substituted with other energy sources (I don’t only mean transportation, there are the drugs, tires, clothes and baby diapers – yep, there’s even a cup of oil per diaper. Albeit with lower productivity, but never fully.

And yet… ENERGY IS THE SOURCE OF EVERYTHING. Our food and our walls are energy made solid. This is not bullshit sci-fi, listen : you use energy to build houses, to grow crops, to transport food, and to warm your house. Without that energy, you would have nothing.

In our situation, imagine this; we’ll probably have 3 to 5% less energy in total for mankind, every year. No kidding. I can only give you a French source (sorry but I’m French), I trust you to Google Translate it easily, or find your own English sources.)
Explanation of the article on the French newspaper Le Monde
Actual report.
Source : Yves Bamberger, head of the Research And Development section of EDF, the largest French Electric energy company.
What does it mean ? Every year, despite a growing demography, there will be less and less of everything.

2 : What does “Less and less of everything” mean for mankind : how I imagine the future

Here, I stop using facts and venture into conjecture. I don’t like making bets, especially when it’s between various bad endings.

Remember the premise ? Less energy every year. The metals shrinkages forcing would force industry branches to temporarily halt production or adopt less efficient lower tech materials. And this would take place in a world with growing demography, burdened by less easy to produce food (global warming would hit agriculture, while over-fishing would be reducing the fish stocks).

Demographic growth will come to a halt, and then contract itself

We’re going towards an economic quagmire, made of recession everywhere, stagnation at the best of cases.

Welfare state will shrink everywhere, which will be the first cause of a slowdown of the population growth.
The old will be dying earlier, the weak won’t be helped enough to stay among the living. Public health will fall, while pandemics will travel faster and more globally than ever before (warmer planet, falling antibiotics resistance, economic crisis jeopardizing nationwide campaigns), with less babies and less adults being able to resist contagious diseases. The non-contagious diseases (diabetes, heart conditions, and the like) will kill more than ever before, as more and more people spend their lives eating shit while twiddling their lives away immobile in front of a monitor.

Famines will hit more and more of the countries that aren’t “rich”. Instability will be more contagious than ever. When you’re surrounded by countries in civil war, nasty lawless folks tend to yearn after your own riches.

There will be also more and more conflicts for resources. When there’s not enough oil and an oil field is between two countries, a quick war sounds better than long term sharing. Or also wars for water, since water is needed for agriculture and power generation. Rivers like the Nile, the Tiger, will see wars bloom for their water. Bad news, more and more countries own nuclear weapons.

Wars won’t kill many soldiers themselves, I mean, we’re not in the Napoleonian Wars anymore in which armies of 20 000 fight armies of 55 000 (Waterloo…), but they’ll “steal” precious energy and human resources that could have served other rightful causes. Besides most conflicts with a “low tech” profile, like today in Africa, still generate massive human casualties.

In a dramatically funny way, we may say the fall in human numbers will mean the toll on resources and energy will be a tad lower, per capita.

And yet, I don’t see population plummeting from 9-10 billions to 100 millions in a century. We humans can endure. The cold, the hunger, we can live with much, much less than today. Even famines striking African countries only take a few percents of the population, even with figures of 100,000 dead : I don’t say “finally, it’s not a big problem”, I say : “the global impact stays moderate”.

Maybe there will be more than half of mankind’s currently projected numbers still alive. And then less, and less.

3 : The global situation by 2050, and until 2100 ?

– Progressive collapse of the economy, every year is in crisis, the industry going through several parallel stop and go phases.

– Several resources running short, temporarily (market prices, a stop and go in the industry allowing its extraction) or permanently (not enough Zinc ? FML), not as fast as feared though, since population doesn’t grow as expected and the industry is a mess, while consumers lack money to consume everything all the time like capitalist pigs (oink oink, I’m not counting myself off, even if I make efforts).

– The population is in a mess, anxious about the future, despair for many, and anguish because it’s not possible anymore to live through consumption, it’s become unhealthy as hell. Maybe it will lead to more solidarity, maybe to less. What I can already tell for sure is that democracy will be blamed ; and for a part of it, I’m afraid to say, it will be a legitimate accusation. You’ll see fascism raising its ugly head again, because no matter how ugly fascism is, it finds strength in massive collective activity, in large scale collective enrollment, taking a few scapegoats (did I mention there’d be more wars ?), and hushing violently all opposing individuals.  Fascism won’t be able to handle public policy and internal affairs worse than democracy did, and it will occasionally perform better (enforcing birth control, forcing solidarity and mutual support). Public rights, freedom of speech, liberty and individuality will be regarded as a luxury of the past belonging to a lost world in which there was plenty of spare time and energy for all, sadly.

– Even before the time the crisis begins to grow larger and larger, an increasing number of mankind will want to move from their big cities and back to the country again, with hopes of becoming more “self-sustained” (growing one’s own veggies, eating locally), and finding better values in live other than hyper consumption.

– Did you know that before oil was industrially developed, more than 90% of human population lived and worked in the countryside, outside of big cities ? So what do you think will happen once oil becomes more expensive and will become a luxury to use with great care ? You got it; more and more people will be living in the countryside again, and will work again in agricultural exploitations, as laborers. Intensive agriculture will partly recede in favor of extensive agriculture (lower productivity, but made at a smaller energetic cost).

– I didn’t mention much global warming, did I ? Truth is, we have so little control over it (the contraction of the industrial production will make its acceleration slow down so to speak, which is small relief) and this will act as a worsening factor everywhere, but I don’t think it’s possible to be very specific about its details.

Mankind will prevail, in small numbers.
But our civilization won’t have survived.

What will have died will be optimism. Faith in the future. And faith in science. We’ll be somehow dead inside.

I’m also afraid religious bigots will, in a way, triumph, as more and more turn to religion.

Several humans will still know to enjoy the day and know better than to regret the loss of what was not sustainable to have. A French saying opposes “being” to “having”, please forgive me the wrong English, adding a “the” enhances the idea, “the being” as opposed to “the having”, as ways to live. We can live happy no matter what our conditions are, or almost.
But several others humans – the majority of them- will live the rest of their lives like half-empty shells, sad and unable to love this world anymore. This is sad, so sad, a scar, no, a stain on mankind’s collective psyche that will take centuries to heal.

This saddens me personally. If only us humans had found enough reason in ourselves to lead a global birth control program, and we kept our numbers between 500 millions and 1 billion, we would have had much less of a global impact, better living conditions and, the most precious of all, we would have had TIME !

Time ! Time to develop scientific research, and, who knows, time to really manage to escape the downward spiral of our limited resources. Maybe with much improved recycling, space exploration for minerals, nanotechnology, who knows ? I don’t know, and probably, nobody will ever know, as science will be blamed for everything in the next century, and won’t be given enough funds to do anything about fixing it.

4 : And in the loooonger term ?

Blimey, do you think I stand a single chance to guess it right ? ;)

The absolute worst for the whole planet is a global scale massive extinction event wiping away more than half of life off the face of the Earth, leaving us with a deserted globe, on which there’s a green sky above poisonous viny sirupy seas. It belongs to the realm of the possible, that is to say a chain reaction based on poisonous H2S. No shit, I really aren’t kidding, you may read this to understand, it’s already happened several times in the past of our planet, and the changes we introduced in the biosphere match the way several of these extinction events begun.

More reasonably, we can imagine mankind will survive and will live, more or less, like we used to live in the middle ages.
But only like that.
Please note that EVERY place where it was easy to extract coal and metals has already been dug out. The only energy and metal resources we’re left require massive industrial installations, something impossible without a sustained scientific level and abundant enough energy. That means a new industrial revolution is IMPOSSIBLE. If mankind falls behind, it won’t climb back up again. In this regard, I consider mankind lucky if, thousands of years from now, we don’t lose knowledge of steam engines.

As for the world’s population ?
It’s funny, it’s possible to try and guess how many of us will be left. Remember, when I wrote everything about us was built with energy transformed into something else, into us and our possessions ?
Mankind first only used solar energy. It made plants grow, plants fed animals and us, and we ate the animals we could beat. Estimated population : from 10 000 to 100 000.
Then, O miracle, we gained control of biomass energy. (You may call it “burning the wood” ^^). It allowed to warm ourselves in winter (we could now leave the warm countries), to cook the food (many more things became edible, and digesting food suddenly became easy like magic – previously, a third of the time spent awake was spent chewing until food became possible to digest !), leaving more time for thinking, experimenting with everything. It also allowed to hunt bigger than rabbit-like creatures (with fire hardened spears, man started hunting predators and big beasts). Eventually, it allowed to build houses, complex tools and furniture (baked earth, so to say ^^), and to reach the first ages of metals. Time to settle in and invent agriculture, and build the first villages and later on cities, yay. Estimated population : 10 millions.
Later on, we gained control of renewables : windmills, dams, and the first pre-science inventions improved life. Estimated population : 100 million.

… And mankind could fall to this level, in the verrrrrry long term. Except that, shockingly, metals would be much harder to find than before, don’t forget all easy sources are already gone.

Well, and that’s that, it’s the way I imagine the future.

I could have written much, much, so MUCH more on every topic seen in this post, but I think I’ve already written long enough, don’t you think ? ;)

You, what’s your opinion on this ?

Do you have another idea of what is coming ?

How do YOU see the future, if you don’t agree ?


A Realistic Future...

As usual nothing is all good or all bad. I would expect the future to be an extrapolation of the story we already know too well. Here are some ideas:

Politics & Power

The degree of personal freedom has been improving lately and I would expect the trend to continue. Fairer political systems would be installed, more people become aware of their rights, more protests, more freedom of expression, etc. More nations will cooperate and integrate as is happening through structures like the United Nations, European Union, African Union, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, etc. Better education and access to knowledge will continue the trend of religions losing their popularity in favour of art and science. This will also help reduce conflicts and increase tolerance.

Environment & Quality of Life

The environment will continue to deteriorate until it hits us ever more directly – people tend to delay taking the right decision until faced with a crisis (as in the case of the economic crisis). Thus the trend of environment exploitation will continue until it cannot be continued further because there is (virtually) nothing to exploit. At this point, a lot of things we take for granted will become luxuries: private cars, “unlimited” supply of water and power, eating fish and meat, etc.

Technology & Automation

Technological advancements will continue to rapidly evolve and influence our lives, automating more and more day-to-day activities, somewhat counteracting the loss of quality of life due to the lack of natural resources.

This post was submitted by Christian Colombo.


Future lie in history...

Since we start to stand on our feet ,pick up a stick and start bashing each other,and that still going on after 10,000years what do you expect for human, there were this attempt call “Dictatorship ”

and you ‘ve seen the end result of it,and there is “Democracy” which you experience it now!!,

also there once were this”Religion” and you see how its turn out.

As the matter of fact nothings is free ,and now there is 6billion crawling on earth leeching and and return nothing to earth, it is just matter of time before Earth’s resources is deplete ,yet it won’t be in you or mine life time,but yes in the future our child gonna get it.


Nothing can stop this,yes!! nothings,doom is there around the corner ,await for us to heading there,

if you,me,we want to save this Planet there might be a way or two(contradiction) but i think that is not and option the sacrifice ,the price to pay is beyond an imagination.

Unless someone break a Law of Universe by “create something from nothing”


This post was submitted by ajarn.


Art of living....

I forsee a future where we manage to find a balance between growth and sustainability, where we give back at least as much as we take from existance.

I get excited by ideas of active nanofabrication because the idea of being able to create things on a molecular and atomic scale opens whole new worlds for us.

A world where we can delve into the landfills and amassed garbage of human civilization and render it down into molecular resources that could then be converted to meet the needs of people everywhere. Where no person goes hungry or malnurished because food could be made from readily available units that build it from atoms mined from the abundant matter we throw away now.

Food need not be harvested by killing a plant or animal, simply made. And humans would not need to fight over the resources of food or water because it could freely be made. We could become zero killing species.

Medecines could be delivered on a cellular level, and replacements grown inside the body next to the failing organ which is then dissolved. Cancer, heart transplants, broken bones, blood transfusions, autoimmune diseases: All treated with a simple injection. Even old age might be repairable at the same rate or faster than it happens. We could be a zero death species.

And without our need to kill to live, and without our need to die we would slow our pace down and not be so frantic to live as much as we can in finite time, and not earn as much as we can while we are still healthy enough to enjoy it and save some for our last years. We will have all the time we want, and some day, when we are ready we may have a child, but we don’t have to. and so population will slow, level off, and maybe even decline.

We’ll be able to leave earth and explore, and come back again if we choose. and so it becomes about the living. Not the surviving. It will be less a competition and a struggle and more about making your very life a work of art.

That’s the future I want to see, to experiance, if I can just live long enough.

This post was submitted by Ken Jaggard.

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